SIFP Summer Study Fellowship

Scholars Institute Fellowship Program (SIFP)
Summer Study Fellows (Online or In-person) - for non-Princeton courses

Summer 2022

Information and Application Form


Summer Study Fellows have the opportunity to make use of their summers as rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors to take or re-take foundational coursework at another US institution if the coursework is necessary for continuing enrollment at Princeton (i.e. to make up a course deficiency) and/or to be able to continue on their chosen academic path. 


In order to be eligible for the Summer STEM fellows program, a student must:

1) Have received grant aid from Princeton University in the preceding academic year, as determined by the Financial Aid office. 

2) Have demonstrated academic need to take the course (s). 

Demonstrated academic need could include the following situations:

  • Two course deficiencies, in terms of progress toward degree
  • A student with a curricular impediment towards concentration eligibility or concentration completion (such that without the course or courses in question during the summer, an AB student could not meet departmental prerequisites on the point of declaring spring of sophomore year or enter the intended department and take necessary coursework in fall of junior year.)
  • A curricular impediment towards a change in degree candidacy (usually, an AB first-year student who wishes to switch to the BSE program).
  • A curricular impediment in fulfillment of degree program fulfillment (i.e. an AB student who has not fulfilled the language requirement by the end of sophomore year; a BSE student who has not fulfilled a BSE core requirement necessary for advancement to junior year status)
  • A pre-health student who attempted but did not successfully complete CHM 201-202 or CHM 301-302 and does not have time to attempt these courses again during the academic year. 
  • Students with a single course deficiency may apply, but will be giving lower priority, unless they meet an additional eligibility criterion.

3) Have not participated in the Summer Study fellowship program in prior years

4) Are an enrolled Princeton student in Spring 2022.** 

*Please note that students interested in taking MAT 103, 104, 201, 202 or PHY 110 should apply to take the Princeton summer offerings of those courses; the Summer STEM fellowship cannot support these courses at other institutions. You may not take more than two courses in any one summer. 

**Students eligible for reinstatement in summer 2022 may apply with the approval of the Residential College Dean. 

Students must be supported in their academic candidacy for this opportunity by their Director of Studies or Residential College Dean, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs at the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and/or the Director of Health Professions Advising, as applicable.


As a SIFP STEM Study Fellow, your award includes:

  • Tuition Grant
    • You will receive grant aid to cover the cost of the course and fees, excluding late registration fees, for up to $4000/course for non-lab courses and up to $5000/course for lab courses. You will be required to register for the course and to submit your receipts into the Concur system for reimbursement.
  • Living Expenses:
  • You will receive a grant to cover the estimated budget for your “at home” (as defined by Financial Aid to include room, board, local transportation, books, personal, technology) proportional to your course load during the weeks that you are enrolled. 
    • If you are enrolled in one course, you will receive grant to cover ½ the budget below. 
    • If you are enrolled in two courses simultaneously, you will receive grant to cover the full budget below.
  • Budget:
    • Room/Board/Misc: 190/week for full-time students


SIFP STEM Study Fellows are expected to:

  • Regularly attend, participate and engage in every class session.
  • Complete and submit all required course work on time.
  • Complete the transfer of all courses to Princeton no later than September 30th, 2022. If you drop your course after the free course drop period, you will be expected to reimburse the program for the cost of the course and any incurred housing or food costs. In the case of a medical or personal emergency, you can appeal to drop the course without penalty to your Residential College Dean and Dean Gonzalez. If you do not transfer the course to Princeton for credit, you will also be expected to reimburse the program for the cost of the course and any incurred housing, stipend, or food costs. 

***Please remember that in order to transfer your summer course credit to Princeton, you must earn a C or higher in the course.***

Part One: Short Answer 

  1. Please briefly describe which of the eligibility criteria you meet and how these online courses fit into your course of study. In particular, please outline why you need these particular courses to continue in your chosen course of study at Princeton. (You will submit this answer to your Dean/DOS as well as on the application form).

Part Two: Course Approval Process (FOR NON_PRINCETON COURSES).

Remember: If you have any questions throughout this process (which we know is complicated!), don’t hesitate to reach out to Dean G or your Residential College Dean or DOS. 

Step One: Identify your course

  • Identify a course that meets the criteria outlined on this FORM (reviewing carefully the “Guidelines for Approving Courses at Other Institutions” 
  • Find the course syllabus for your chosen class. 
    • Hint: Sometimes, you can find the syllabus for your course on the course catalog website under “synopsis” or on the offering department’s webpage. You can also google the title of the course. If you can’t find the syllabus for your particular class online, you may email the professor and request the syllabus or you can call the offering school’s department, Registrar, or Summer Session office.. Don’t give up! This can be an annoying search, but keep looking. Occasionally, Princeton departments will accept syllabi from past semesters of the same course, but this is not always guaranteed, and will usually require some confirmation that the material taught this summer will be similar to the material taught in prior semesters. Try to find the syllabus from the course that you will be taking. 
  • Find a listing of the class hours (and lab hours) and an official schedule showing the first and last days of the course session. 
    • Hint: You can find this information on the course catalog website. 
    • Please do not use a past version of this course, even if the instructor has promised the topic and materials will be the same. You need the SUMMER 2022 listing. 

Step Two: 

  • Complete the first section of the new “Approval for an Online Course Taken at Another Institution” form.

Step Three: Meet with your DOS or Dean

  • Email your DOS/Dean with 1) the course syllabus, 2) the “Approval for an Online Course Taken at Another Institution” form with step one completed, 3) your answer to the short answer question above.
  • Be prepared to have a conversation with your DOS/Dean in which you think through your academic trajectory and how this course may fit into your longer-term goals. 
  • If your DOS/Dean confirms your eligibility for the Summer STEM program, make sure to ask them about the transfer course approval process—get their advice on how to approach this process and the department representative! 
  • Have them help you identify the appropriate Princeton Director of Undergraduate Studies to approve your course.

Step Four: Obtain pre-approval from the relevant department

  • Send the “Approval for a Course Taken at Another Institution” form and supporting information (syllabus, list of course dates and times) to the appropriate Director of Undergraduate Studies. They will decide if the course may be approved, and will sign your form. 

Step Five: If applicable, obtain pre-approval for departmental or program requirements

  • If you are seeking to have the course fulfill a requirement or prerequisite for a concentration (other than step 4, the equivalent department) or a certificate program, you will need to send the form and supporting information to the appropriate department or program director. 

Step Six: If applicable, get Dean Peter Bogucki’s approval signature 

  • If you intend to use the course as a prerequisite for BSE, you must also get a signature under “STEP THREE” of the “Approval for a Course Taken at Another Institution” form from Dean Peter Bogucki. 

Step Seven: If applicable, meet with HPA advisors

  • If applicable, you should set up a meeting with Kate Fukawa-Connelly or Sachiko Datta in HPA to ensure that this plan will work with med school admissions criteria. 

Step Eight: Submit forms to your DOS/Dean

  • Send your DOS/Dean the “Approval for an Online Course Taken at Another Institution” and submit it to your residential college.
  • Have your DOS/Dean send you a signed copy of your “Approval for a Course Taken at Another Institution”

Step Nine: Submit!