Prospective Students

Welcome to Princeton!

We are so excited to be able to connect with you and share information around what the Emma Bloomberg Center for Access & Opportunity offers our first-generation/low-income student community at Princeton. 

During our "Why FLI @ Princeton Virtual Preview Week," we will be providing a series of testimonials, videos, panels, and a virtual office hours event where you can learn more about our current FLi Princeton students and ask them your pressing questions. These may include questions around the following topics:

  • Financial Aid
  • Finding Community
  • Connecting with Professors, Classes, & Academics More Broadly
  • Finding Internships and General Opportunities During Your First Year
  • Selecting a Major
  • Transitioning to Princeton

Our Princeton Preview social media campaign will go from April 18-22. Be sure to follow us on social media @PrincetonEBC and regularly check this page for content updates on the different opportunities and resources Princeton provides for first-gen/lower-income students. See below for a brief outline of our weekly themed content. Have additional questions or want to speak one-on-one with a staff member from the Emma Bloomberg Center? Email us at [email protected] to schedule an appointment today!

Monday, April 18th - Mentorship Mondays

Learn about what mentorship means to our SIFP scholars and how they have been able to identify mentoring opportunities for themselves through our programs.

Tuesday, April 19 - College Tip Tuesdays

Not sure how to best select the "right" school for you? Our SIFP students are here to help! Tune in to our social media channels and website to get the latest testimonials from students on how they stayed organized throughout the college selection process, identified scholarships for themselves, and practiced self-care throughout it all. 

Wednesday, April 20 - Why FLI@Princeton? Student Spotlights

We will showcase student features to highlight the accomplishments of our student leaders and demonstrate some potential pathways through Princeton. Students will provide their prospective on why they chose to attend Princeton.

Thursday, April 21 - Paths @ Princeton 

We will feature our FLi alum and upperclassmen Path @ Princeton archives. Check out our social media and website to learn more about the opportunities our FLi students have been involved with throughout and beyond their Princeton careers!

Friday, April 22 @ 5PM EST - Open Office Hours w/ EBC staff

EBC is hosting open office hours with our staff to answer any questions prospective students may have about campus life, academics, financial aid, student resources for first-gen and/or lower-income students. 

A Message From Dean Gonzalez

Dear Members of the Princeton Class of 2026 (we hope!), 

Hello from New Jersey! My name is Khristina Gonzalez and I’m the Associate Dean of the College and Director of the Emma Bloomberg Center. Here at Princeton, I work with the awesome EBC team (Dr. Shaw, Dr. Hakim, Courtney, Josh, Christy, and [another…

Connect with Our Community

Our FLi student leaders participated in a virtual panel to answer questions around EBC programs, discuss their pathways to and through Princeton, and speak toward some of the major factors that went into making their college decisions.

The panel was moderated by SIFP Graduate Co-Curricular Fellow Jessica Womack. Jessica is a current…

Paths @ Princeton

Interested in learning about what different pathways Princeton students take throughout their time in college and beyond? Our office is showcasing the journeys of current Princeton students and recent alumni to give our prospective students a glimpse at the many different roads they can and will take throughout their undergraduate education…

Why FLI Top 5 Reasons

What are the top 5 reasons a liberal arts education is valuable for first-gen/low-income students? Hear from our FLi students on the various benefits that a liberal arts education have on shaping well-rounded students, leaders, and innovators here at Princeton.