Yalin Du

PhD Candidate, East Asian Studies
Office Hours

By email and zoom.


Yalin Du's research has been focused on medieval Chinese literature. Her research has been focused on medieval Chinese literature. Her dissertation takes a peep at how Chinese in the 7th through 9th centuries told stories to heal themselves from trauma caused by the relentless upheavals that had caught them short earlier. Starting with a precept experience in her fifth year, Yalin has discovered her tireless passion and love for teaching as a vocation. She has actively participated in a variety of teaching activities such as precepts, FSI (freshmen scholar institute) summer intensive courses, community college teaching fellowship, and CTI (Collaborative Teaching Initiative) program. Teaching has taught her to trust the existence of a unique voice in every single individual, and there is no better bliss nor bless for a teacher than to help someone find their voice. In her spare time, Yalin enjoys getting repeatedly surprised by close reading, young people, and doing close reading together with young people. Aside from the above, she is also obsessed with listening to people’s stories to heal herself from the trauma caused by being awake and an adult.