Tejas Dethe

PhD Candidate, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
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Tejas is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE) on campus. Before he came to the East Coast, Tejas spent his time as a physics and pure mathematics undergraduate in California. At Princeton, his technical research interest is in using shape-changing materials to control sound and studying the separation process of mixtures of fluids (think oil and water!). Outside of research, Tejas is greatly invested in providing effective educational and research experiences to justice-impacted students inside and out of NJ carceral facilities in his position as the Pedagogy Fellow at the Prison Teaching Initiative. He has also been a Seminar Leader for Ways of Knowing this past summer, where he got his first experience working with a non-quantitative critical thinking course outside of his usual quantitative area of expertise. In his free time, Tejas really enjoys cooking, road-trips, and re-watching his favorite shows (any Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or Person of Interest fans?).