Princeternship Winter Funding

The Scholars Institute Fellows (SIFP) program is partnering with the Center for Career Development to provide financial assistance for winter Princeternships to students who qualify and successfully apply for funding.

Since 2008, the Princeternship program has been offering students an inside look at careers by sending them out into the field to investigate career paths and foster personal connections with alumni and employers. Winter Princeternships give undergraduate students an opportunity to get to know the career path of their alum host, learn more about an industry and potentially get tangible project experience. Offered by alumni, Princeternships are a career exploration opportunity providing a combination of job shadowing, skill development, and relationship-building in one-on-one or small-group settings. Princeternships can be either virtual or in-person, ranging from one- to five-day shadowing experiences to one- to four-week projects.  Opportunities span a range of geographic regions and career fields.

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If you receive financial aid from Princeton University, you are invited to apply for this additional Princeternship funding opportunity through the Emma Bloomberg Center for Access and Opportunity.




To be eligible to apply for the Winter Princeternship fund, students must:

  1. Have applied for a winter Princeternship through the Career Services Program 
  2. Must be receiving grant aid through Princeton University’s financial aid program.

                      ****If you are part of the SIFP program, you are eligible for additional funding toward your Princeternship. ****


Please note that only students who are ultimately successful in their Princeternship application and matched with an opportunity through Career Services will receive funding through the SIFP Winter Princeternship Fund. 

Funded students must complete the internship and submit a post-Princeternship 350-word reflection and photo of the experience no later than 2 weeks after the completion of the experience.


Students interested in applying for funding should indicate this on their Princeternship application in the appropriate questions. EBCAO staff will confirm your eligibility. You will receive notification of your funding status if and when you receive your Princeternship offer. Funded students will then need to attend a mandatory funding information session and will formally submit their budget through the SAFE system. More information about this process will be made available to all successful applicants.

Funding Details:

Students are eligible for funding for domestic Princeternships only.

Total eligibility is as follows:

  • Travel: Successful applicants are eligible for funding up to the following limits to help offset the cost of domestic travel. 
    • Princeternships that take place at sites between 0-75 miles from campus: $75
    • Princeternships that take place at sites between 76-150 miles from campus:$150
    • Princeternships that take place at sites between 151-300 miles from campus: $200
    • Princeternships that take place at sites between 301-500 miles from campus:$250
    • Princeternships that take place at sites between 501-800 miles from campus: $300
    • Princeternships that take place at sites between 801-1500 miles from campus: $400
    • Princeternships that take place at sites >1501 miles from campus: $550
  • Lodging and other expenses: Successful applicants are eligible for funding for lodging and other expenses up to the rate of $150/night up to 5 nights.
  • Please note that we cannot fund any other expenses, nor can we exceed these funding limits. Students should ONLY include lines for travel and lodging/other expenses in their budget and use the tables above to calculate their requests. 
  • Students should also note that we may not be able to fund the entire budgeted requests–funds will be allocated based on demand.