Mentorship Group

The SIFP community includes 500+ fellows!

Upon registration through our mentor collective platform, students are sorted into mentorship/accountability groups for the semester that are facilitated by upperclass Head Fellows or Graduate Students.

Freshman and sophomores are placed into mentorship groups with an upperclassman Head Fellow while juniors and seniors are placed into mentorship groups that are led by Graduate Fellows. These weekly group sessions are meant to serve as an affinity first-gen and/or lower-income (FLI) space where students can debrief on how their weeks have been going, talk about some struggles they may or may not be experiencing in their courses, and provide peer counseling and support for one another throughout the academic year. 

Head and Graduate Fellows have the ability to structure their mentorship group meetings however they like, which is why some sessions may look more structured while others may be less structured. Additionally, Graduate Fellow accountability groups are designed to provide upperclass mentees with a structured space to remain accountable for their various JP/thesis deadlines, graduate school applications, job interview schedules, and other professional development tasks they would like to complete with their other SIFP accountability group peers and grad student facilitator.