Advising & Programs

SIFP Fellows are part of a larger first-generation/lower-income community of peers, staff and faculty at the University. The SIFP experience is comprised of monthly mentorship group meetings, co-curricular workshops, professional development opportunities, and fun extracurricular activities! 

Learn more about the advising opportunities and programs offered through our first-gen/low-income office below.

Mentorship Group

SIFP now boasts a membership of 418 fellows who are sorted into about 50 mentorship groups.

Upon registration through our mentor collective platform, students are sorted into mentorship/accountability groups for the semester that are facilitated by…


Our new SIFPlay calendar lists SIFP-only opportunities for health and wellness programs, which are led by our team of graduate fellows.

Activities include:

SIFP Run Club- exactly what it sounds like Meditation and Mindfulness Workshops Movie and Game Nights Pop-Up Fitness Classes TRIPS to Terhune Orchards, Six Flags,…
Weekly Programs

SIFP now features a new and improved weekly workshop structure so you can now schedule things more easily!

Major Mondays: Talk to grad students, faculty fellows, and other campus partners to receive academic advising. We have a slew of academic-related programming every Monday that covers topics ranging from "Planning for the Semester"…