Program Benefits & Requirements


SIFP Fellows benefit from:

  • Mentorship and support from a community of peers, alumni, and staff and faculty
  • Guided exposure to campus leadership and enrichment opportunities
  • Eligibility to apply for summer funding/housing as Research Fellows, Course Fellows, RCAs, and Programming Fellows for the Freshman Scholars Institute
  • Eligibility to apply for funding for designated professional and academic opportunities like Princeternships, SIFProfessionals Program and the Career Fellows Program. 
  • Fully-funded extracurricular activities and events hosted by SIFP throughout the academic year, such as day trips to New York and Philadelphia over Fall Break and Spring Break or longer trips to Washington DC over Intercession
  • Invitations to networking events featuring upperclassmen, faculty, administrators and Princeton alumni


Scholars Institute Fellows must:

  • Upon registration, attend at least 75% of their weekly mentorship group meetings which are facilitated by Head or Graduate Fellow student leaders who are employed through our office.
  • Obtain "HALPS" each semester that they are in SIFP by attending workshops hosted through our office. These workshops are structured around topics like “Choosing a Major;” “Applying to Summer Internships;” “How to Precept;” “Best Study Strategies for Midterms/Finals;” discussion groups on health professions, etc. Each workshop is worth *at least* one point, but some workshops may be worth DOUBLE OR TRIPLE POINTS, so keep an eye out for those! 
    • To maintain good SIFP standing, you must get AT LEAST one point in the following workshop categories:
      • Health and Wellness; Academic Skill-Building; Life Skills; Professional Development; and Social.
    • Complete a reflection form after attending each event through the google form linked at the top of each week's spreadsheet of glory event system. 
  • ONE-ON-ONES: This one is simple: over the course of the semester, have a 1:1 with
    • A member of SIFP Staff OR your Res College Staff (i.e., Dean, DoS, or DSL), and
    • Your Head/Grad Fellow!

In order to remain in good standing with SIFP each semester, students must find HALPS, satisfy their required points, and must attend at least 75% of their mentorship or accountability group meetings in a semester.


SIFProfessionals Program

The SIFProfessionals program is available to SIFP students that are particularly interested in professional development opportunities. To be eligible for the SIFProfessionals Program, in addition to being in good standing with SIFP each semester and satisfying required HALPS points, they must also: